The Code the Change Foundation

Driving social change with technology.

About Us

The Code the Change Foundation is a registered non-profit and was founded in August 2018.

The Foundation (formerly Code the Change UBC) builds open-source software solutions to enhance the effectiveness of non-profit organizations who don't have the means to develop it themselves. We believe in the powerful unification of students' passions and technical skills with the vision and knowledge of philanthropic organizations.

Each semester, we form teams and choose software projects to complete in a four month span. Projects often range from applications to websites to custom databases. Teams work closely with members of the organization to achieve their goals and deliver quality products.

Code the Change began in 2009 as a student organization at Stanford University. Since then, multiple chapters across North America have been founded to carry on the mission. Code the Change UBC is just one chapter of passionate individuals trying to make a change through their software and the Code the Change Foundation is the first registered non-profit to come out of this movement.

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